What we do

At our inception, we identified two megatrends which would shape the oil and gas industry locally and globally over the next few decades: Technology, Renewable Energy and Emerging Market Participation. We have developed a strategy for value delivery that enables us to stay abreast and ahead of the dynamics of the industry even as we grow to meet the needs and demands of the market.
Our strategy is built on a foundation of clear and strong corporate values which have driven us towards success and achievement. In order to achieve our long-term vision of becoming a market leader in the provision of quality fuel and services for the West African market. To ensure focus on our strategic goals, we have defined four core values at RECL: customer service, integrity, teamwork, and quality.


Customer Service

RECL is a people company. We prioritise customer experience and work to ensure that we are adapting to ever-evolving landscape to meet our customers’ needs. We empower our people to act in the interest of the customer across all aspects of our service delivery in the energy value chain.


We are pioneering in our unwavering commitment to integrity in all aspects of our dealings. Our suppliers, customers and colleagues can attest to the transparency and accountability of our operation.


We are a team of passionate individuals united by our commitment to energise the future of Africa. Our culture at RECL builds people up, centres collaboration and is designed to guarantee that we are all at our best.

Quality Management

We maintain close attention to the details of our operations ensuring that we distribute safely and responsibly around the region. Responsibility is integral to our culture and defines how we work and how we behave whether we are interacting with customers, partners, or regulators.